As an employer, the HRA is a vital component of your wellness program. The HRA identifies key health issues affecting employees and your bottom line. By understanding the health risks facing employees, you can proactively educate and support them, avoiding more complicated, expensive medical treatments down the road.




Studies show that 50% of premature death and disability is related to unhealthy behaviors.

  • 35.7% of adults are obese.
  • 40% of Americans never engage in any exercise.
  • Cigarette smoking alone leads to about 1 in every 5 deaths each year.

Providing HRAs helps improve overall health for everyone, including employees who are not currently at risk and who do not spend many healthcare dollars.

Employees complete an online Health Risk Assessment (HRA) questionnaire, and each receives confidential results, based on their answers.

Employers receive a group summary report that identifies key health issues facing the overall group of employees and suggested health interventions.

Program Benefits include:

  • Identify risky health habits and behaviors
  • Educate employees on health risk factors and healthy lifestyle choices
  • Empower employees to take control of their health and wellness
  • Lower experience ratings and premiums through better health
  • Retain and attract quality employees. 

In 2014, Mercy Springfield Corporate Health and Wellness provided more than 8,400 HRAs to 72 businesses and organizations at multiple client locations.


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