Take a step toward promoting a healthier and more productive workforce, we can help! By providing an onsite Occupational Health Nurse (OHN) at your business, you'll have high-quality, compassionate and affordable care accessible to your employees when it's needed.

Mercy Corporate Health has contracted Occupational Health Nurses to businesses in Springfield and the surrounding communities for more than 25 years. The role of the OHN depends on the needs of each company. Hours at your facilities can be part time (20 hours/week) or full time (40 hours/week).

Here's how an onsite nurse will benefit your business.

  • Manage employee injury and illnesses, both work and non-work related.
  • Assess employee care issues and actively participate in the prevention, treatment plans and safety programs.
  • Treat certain illnesses and injuries onsite quickly.
  • An educational resource for personal health care needs or questions.
  • Encourage higher participation in preventive health and wellness programs.
  • Coordinate and promote health-related events (blood drives).
  • Provide regular onsite screenings such as blood pressure.
  • Assist HR with non-work related cases and return to work from FMLA/Medical leave short term disability.
  • Coordinate drug screen testing.
  • Provide appropriate referral to physicians and other community resources.
  • Coordinate medial surveillance services required, i.e. Pulmonary Function testing, hearing, etc.
  • Organize training for CPR, First Aid and Blood Borne Pathogen.
  • Provide immunizations.
  • Maintain first aid office and supplies.

Call 417-820-6446 for more information.

"A real benefit of having a nurse on site is having a knowledgeable, trained person to help with employee health care decisions. I feel confident that I am saving the company money. An onsite nurse provides treatment and can reduce the number of unnecessary trips to the ER or Urgent Care."

"I enjoy interacting with the employees and being the person they can talk to about any health concern or personal issue."

- Amanda G., OHN at area Springfield manufacturer

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